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Injury Clinics of Arizona

Our specialty staff and clinic provide treatment for a wide range of work related injuries. We utilize advanced care and industry leading rehabilitation techniques to ensure proper treatment of you and your case.


Our team of experts have been dedicated to treating work related injuries for over 30 years

No Out-of-Pocket Costs

Arizona law protects you from receiving a bill for workers’ compensation injury treatment


Our physicians specialize in the handling and treatment of workers’ compensation injuries

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Injuries in the Workplace

On-the-job injuries can disrupt your life, however correct clinical treatment gets your body back on track. If you’re battling after a work environment injury, Injury Clinics of Arizona can assist. Our team is a seasoned team of physicians that use evidence-based therapies to provide patients with lasting discomfort alleviation. Whether you’re taking care of a brand-new workers’ compensation injury or the consequence of a work related injury that took place long ago, Injury Clinics of Arizona can help. Call our office today or schedule a consultation online.